General Services Tariff - Bonded Cargo

Dock Fee: $1.10 per 100 kgs or $2.20 per cbm whichever the greater. Minimum $45.00

Effective December 1st 2017: Shipments requiring more than one trip to pick up cargo will be subject to 50% of the dock fee for each additional trip or min $45.00 for each additional trip.

Customs Exams: All shipments examined by Customs staff at the facility will be subject to a $40.00 examination fee per shipment.

Storage: After expiration of 5 business days will be billed as follows: $1.07 per 100 lbs or $2.15 per cbm whichever the greater, per day including weekends and holidays. Minimum $25.00 per shipment per day.

Disposal Fee: All shipments in which consignee is unable to transport refuse from wooden shipping crates, are subject to a $50.00 disposal fee. All crates being unpacked at the facility will be subject to a $50.00 deposit until it is confirmed crate has been removed from Five Star premises.

Sorting Fee: All shipments abstracted or broken down after container offloading are subject to a sorting fee of .25 cents per carton.  Minimum sorting fee is $50.00

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All rates are in Canadian funds.

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